Building APC Freedom Messenger’s “Media Centers”

Welcome to the future of FREE America.

From the onset the lame stream media has promoted Usurper Obama and his agenda and censored the truth. “We the People” have had a difficult time not only getting the truth but getting it out to the masses as well.

Since “We the People” don’t have a “George Soros” sugar daddy we will have to create our own information network (highway). So we will have to raise money the old fashion way, working as a team.

We have created a prototype that will start first with one APC Freedom Messenger Media Center (images below) and expand into 10 regional hubs and than a hub in every state all linked together (see Phases I, II, and III below) sending and receiving information from the APC Freedom Messenger Media Center.

“We the People” by now have come to realize that the major media outlets (ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC) have been totally corrupted and compromised. The Internet is now the target of the Obama Dictatorship so there is a good chance that it will be compromised as well.

Below is a map of the ten (10) regions outline by Usurper Obama’s Executive Order 13528— Establishing Council of Governors.

Image Detail
Usurper Obama’s ten (10) regions to be ruled by his Council of Governors

Phase I.

The first phase is to set up a central Media Center that will be able receive and transmit valuable news to the other APC Freedom Messenger Media centers. Currently APC Freedom Messenger website is the central Media Center but we need to add a mobile Media Center. Once the Mobile Media Center is setup and exchanging news information we can go on to phase II.

Phase II.

We begin to set up a single APCFM Media Center in each of the ten (10) regions according to the above map of the Council of Governors. Once these are setup and exchanging news information we can go on to phase III.

Phase III.

We start setting up APC Freedom Messenger Media Centers in all fifty (50) states and the information will flow and the lying Lame-stream Media will NO longer be able to lie to the “We the People” on a daily bases.

We will be able to broadcast over ham-radios and much more. The TRUTH is out there and “We the People” will not be denied it; what say YOU?

 What our current APC Freedom Messenger Media Center looks like!

It should be noted that local Patriots around the area have assisted APC Freedom Messenger by lending us computers, radios, and their expertise in creating the first APCFM Media Center.

A complete PDF article on our Media Centers with pictures will be posted on this website as well as emailed to our mailing list no later than June 1, 2012.




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