ILLEGAL Sanctuary Cities: Cocoons For Radical Muslims Rape, Pedophilia, and Murder

Posted 6APR2017 by  Capt. William E. Simpson |Western Journalism

Article forward by Frank K. Ani, Jr. APC FREEDOM MESSENGER RISE

Sanctuary Cities are completely and totally ILLEGAL! They have been founded for one reason and one reason only to allow Islamic Muslim Terrorists to establish a base of operation to attack American Citizens when ready. By allowing other ILLEGAL ALIEN harden criminals into these Sanctuary Cities provides provides cover for the sinister take over plan of America which is well under way.

As the push to accept and legalize PEDOPHILIA in America by the Progressive Liberal Left (Democrats) and certain TRAITOROUS RINO REPUBLICRATS that coincidentally coincides exactly with Islamic Sharia Law. Men are allowed to sodomize and rape boys that can not grow a beard. They are allowed to marry 5 year old girls but are supposed to wait until they are 9 to have sex with them. They are allowed to rape any women that does not adhere to a strict Islamic Sharia Law dress code as many times as they like or until the woman dies.

The moderate friendly Muslim is nothing more than a myth. If you truly desire to research  and learn the truth I strongly suggest you start at these websites to start. Jihad Watch, Pamela Geller, and Clarion Project. There are other sources as well.

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