Are The Polls Rigged Against Trump? YES! All Of These Wildly Divergent Surveys Cannot Possibly Be Correct

Posted 23OCT2016 by Michael Snyder |The Economic Collapse

Article forward by Frank K. Ani, Jr. – APC Freedom Messenger

Never before in the history of the United States of America has an election for the Presidency been SO RIGGED!

It starts with the DNC rigging the nomination for the Butcher of Benghazi, Killary Klinton, over the clear winner BERNIE SANDERS and continues on from there.

The LAME-STREAM MEDIA is totally complicit in rigging the election by posting the most ridiculous fraudulent POLL RESULTS that are so “LAME” it is disgusting.

The New Socialist Democraps, RINO Republicrats, and the other Elitists want us to believe that Killary Klinton, who has cancelled many of her rallies DUE TO LACK OF SUPPORTERS is head of TRUMP who has had Hundreds of thousands of supporters pack his rallies.

It is safe to say that POLLS can easily be rigged by the LAME-STREAM MEDIA while RALLIES not so much! What rally attendance proves is that the Butcher of Benghazi, Killary Klinton, based on the total rally numbers for August 2016, has only the support of five (5) % of the voters while TRUMP has the support of 95 % of the people.

WHAT DOES THIS all MEAN? It means that any poll showing Killary ahead of TRUMP or TRUMP leading by 8 % / points or less is a SCAM!

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