Thanks to Islamic Muslim Terrorist Dictator Obama, UNITED NATIONS TO TAKE CONTROL OF INTERNET 1OCT2016

Posted 29AUG2016 by Overpasses News Desk |Overpass For America

Article forward by Frank K. Ani, Jr. – APC Freedom Messenger

It isn’t a coincidence that Islamic Muslim Terrorist Dictator Obama, his Regime, the New Fascist Democratic Party, and the TRAITOROUS RINO REPUBLICRATS are turning direct control of the Internet over to the world criminal organization, the United Nations (UN)!

This means that the American people will be a the mercy of the LYING CORRUPT LAME STREAM MEDIA for any news or information effecting We the People and America. This means that the 2016 election can now be easily rigged for the Butcher of Benghazi, Killary Klinton, or Islamic Muslim Terrorist Dictator can launch any king of red flag event to declare Martial Law and remain Dictator of America. This means U.N. International Police keeping forces can begin occupying U.S. Cities under the UN Strong Cities Network. This means Islamic Muslim Terrorists can begin taking over cities and implement Sharia Law and we will never know. This is only the beginning!

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