New Transgender Bathroom Rule: It’s Far Worse Than You Could Possibly Imagine

Posted 6JAN16 by |The Family Policy Institute of Washington

Article forward by Frank k. Ani, Jr. – APC Freedom Messenger

Washington State is run by a bunch of Socialist/Marxist Progressive, Liberal, Islamic Muslim loving Democrats and RINO Republicans. Every new law\regulation they create and impose are promoting the Islamic Muslim way. Rape and pedophilia are a big and intricate part of Islam. Giving a man a cleaver way to access the women’s bathrooms allows them to pick out their next victim. It could be your wife, your girl friend, your daughter, your niece, your grand daughter . Do some research on the percentage of transgender sickos there are here in the U.S. Divide that by the number of cities in the US and than ask yourself why would the Washington State House and Senate pass such a law.

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